We flew to visit Dan; Spenser’s third trip – 5th plane ride. If we weren’t visiting Dan, I’m sure I wouldn’t be arranging travel yet, but it’s pretty amazing how, though it isn’t easy, travel is doable.

On this tip, Spenser was 18 months. He hadn’t seen Dan in about 6 months and I had no idea what to expect with their reunion.

When Spenser saw Dan, he smiled big and bright. He laughed with familiarity and sang out his brightest “hi!”

“Hi!” Dan said back.

“UP!” Spenser called out reaching his arms in the air. There was an immediate comfort and familiarity. Spenser had no shyness or reservation. He knew Dan, after all this time and I believe, he knew Dan was his father!

“Da,” I reminded him, knowing that “Da” would be easy for him to say.

Spenser pointed at Dan. “Da,” he repeated… or just knew.

Crazy! I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it.  I truly believe that there was a connection and a bond there and even if Spenser doesn’t understand our family situation right now, he knew Dan was our family.


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