OK, S is napping. We just got back from the farmer’s market and he wanted to see “nay” (horses) so I let him go in the petting zoo, which I always say I’ll never do again becase the rest of the day I’m Lysol-ing everything.

I’ve just washed our shoes put his petting zoo clothes in the laundry, unloaded the dishwasher and made myself brunch… well TJ (my husband) helped.

Here’s my brunch:

TJ’s bean and corn enchiladas with extra TJ’s enchilada sauce (my fave) and two runny poached eggs (organic TJs) plus Paradise Passion Fruit iced tea that I learned about when I was a waitess at Louise’s Tratoria in the 90’s.

Anyway… Halloween. My FAVORITE time of year. It’s a big time for my family. We had a lot of Halloween activities, parties, traditions and the best costumes. I feel a great need to make this just as fun for my son.  I’m so lucky to live near my family because my sister and dad and my new brother in law participate with equal enthusiasm.

Last year, Spenser had two costumes:

  Conan O’ Brien

 An Olde Timie Accountant

I chose these two costumes because I had bought him a baby suit on Amazon and then realized that I needed to get some more use out of it… so, these were good suit costumes.

I don’t think I’m going for a realistic concept costume this year (although I did buy him a Trader Joe’s kids tee shirt and made a Trader Joe’s name tag on line. We are going to wear it to Trader Joe’s costume day, because I am a geek. But It’s a pretty borring costume to wear on Halloween night.)

My friend Natalie just gave me two huge boxes of hand me downs from her two boys and in the boxes were three costumes: puppy, monkey and tiger.  The puppy one looks the smallest, so I decided to try it on.

Apparently, puppy ears are agony.

I have a few weeks to try to make this work.  If not… he may be a Trader Joe’s Crew Member after all.

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