So, it’s 8am.

We have an afternoon plan, but what are we going to do till 11am nap? It’s not really enough time to play with a friend because most of Spenser’s friends are on a different schedule. Most places we would want to go open at 10. And… oh yeah, the park, well…. it’s pointless for me to hide my disdain for parks here with you – I mean I LOVE them in theory!

But seriously….

SAND – dirty and gets in everything and makes MY feet feel yucky. And S is feeling like it’s OK to experiment with eating sand again these days… NO.

KIDS SHARING SAND TOYS – so annoying because sometimes they hit and then you have to deal with other parents parenting/not parenting.

KIDS AT THE PARK’S CREATIVE NAMES – interesting; like Maverick, Harvest, Palace….

DIRECT SUN SHINING ON REDHEADS- I can’t really deal. Even with hats, high SPF and long sleeves we always get pink skin.

And also, I almost always hit my head when I’m following S around on all the jungle gyms meant for people under 4 feet.

So, this morning, I say to my husband, “Honey, can you take the baby for a bit?” And he said, “Yes, of course. I’m open at 9.” So off to TJ’s we went.


SHARING – We have Crew Member friends there who graciously give me coffee and gave us yogurt samples – for free, yo! (OK, they have free samples, but it feels special every time.)

COOL SHELTER AND GOOD MUSIC – Always air-conditioned and Janet Jackson Rythm Nation was playing this morning.  Yep, I know, it made me happy too.

ACTIVITIES – S transfers organic avocados from one bin to the next. He runs down the uncrowded morning isles shouting “go!” He pushes the cart with me.He gets TJ Kids stickers which he puts on and off his clothing.  He does all his animal sounds for our crew member friends. And then, he get’s to pick his own snack… today, he picked Hummus and crackers.  Seriously – he totally picked this:

If Spenser liked the park so much more than going to TJ’s I’d just go to the gross but well-meaning park…. but TJ’s is fun.  My husband is fun.

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