I had to take my car in for service.

If I had a husband or partner, I’d have him take the car in and get a ride back, so I could stay at home with Spenser. Or he could stay with the baby and I’d take the car in. Either way. But if this was a 2 parent family, I would not drag my toddler to the car repair place.

I guess if I had some extra money to spend I could hire someone to stay with S…. or to take my car in….

Well, I don’t have either, so I took S, in his jammies, at 7:30 this morning to my Honda place.  He was excited; 7:30 is prime energy time for him. When we got there they said they would get me in and out in 30 minutes. Fantastic! When I went to check in after 30 minutes, they said I needed a new timing belt (I really did, mine was ten years old) and it would be 2 1/2 hours and a ton of money. I had to do it.

We filled out time by reading the books I brought, playing some of the toddler games on my phone and running around. Then I discovered that S’s shoes were making his Achilles bleed… yes bleed! so no more running. He ate all the food I brought and I was starving so I bought gross Cacas in the vending machine.

We went outside to look at cars driving by, we called Grandpa, we got a coloring book and crayons at the front desk, we drank water and then, we played in the new cars in the showroom (yes, I get my car fixed at the dealer… and i know, it’s more expensive.) We were told it would be another hour and then another half hour, but, let me tell you guys, the 2013 Honda Accord is gorgeous! The interior is just like a new BMW!

I just want to thank the guys at Honda for playing peekaboo with S while he climbed around in the gorgeous Accord!! For like and hour or more.

S was a trooper. He was really a great sport for 4 hours, even though his nap time came and went, he was really amazing.

So, it wasn’t the easiest morning, but I learned that S wants to pretend that I’m driving while he sits in the back without a car seat.

I learned that S likes coloring with felt tip pen better than with crayon.

I learned that S thinks that a mannequin with a baseball cap and sunglasses looks like his Uncle and wanted it to pick him up.

I learned that somehow, I’ve recovered from the idea that if I see a free donut, I must consume it.

I learned that S will definitely pull my boob out of my shirt when a creepy guy wanders in to the dealership to mooch a free donut and then said guy will engage me in an unwelcome conversation about breastfeeding.

I learned that timing belts are so much money that they’d better last ten years.

Mostly, I learned (yet again) that a mom solo can handle a slightly difficult morning –  she can handle it well, actually.

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