The bathtub thingy is now causing me problems.

I’ve been using pliers for maybe 2 weeks now and I’m shredding metal every time I turn the water on and off.

I want my son to have his baths, because he loves them, and so now I am sacrificing my own cleanliness because I don’t know how much longer the pliers will work.

I called a handyman yesterday (inspired by writing my things to do) and he said he’d call and come by today. He did neither of those things. And I didn’t call him because yesterday on the phone he was really grumpy and unpleasant and there was a lot of “What? What? I can’t hear you?” Which was really annoying.

And I’m out of Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate covered almonds.

I’m longing to get in a hot tub and read my delicious novel Grace Grows… but alas, I must read dry.

I took a break from reading to try to figure out how to get my Amazon music to my iTunes because I bought the companion music for Grace Grows on Amazon and now I see they have it on iTunes. The book has a lot of song refrences and I want to hear those songs now!!!

Well, anyway, this book is making me feel all butterflied and excited about love and romance… and you know me… I’m so over LOVE. But reading a really good romantic book – that I can commit to. Loving Grace Grows.

How long can I go without a shower?

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  1. Shelle Sumners says:

    Ooh. Grace Grows would go great with chocolate almonds and a hot bath. I hope you get them soon! xo

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