Everynight, I think about things I have to do. It goes something like this:

Make a dentist appointment

Put all the baby things that Spenser has outgrown, that are sitting in garbage bags in the corner, in the garage

Borrow my sister’s vacuum

Rent a carpet steam cleaner for the rug in Spenser’s room (other than that I just have wood floors.)

Take in the dry cleaning that’s been in a bag for over a year

Load ALL the photos of Spenser into my Snapfish account and make photo albums of his first year and second yeat before the 70% off coupon expires.

(then) Make Snapfish photo albums so that they are ready for the next time there’s a 70% coupon.

(then) Try to make the photo albums for the 50% coupon.

Make those albums so that I get them before the holidays and hope they offer another coupon.


Call a guy to fix the bathtub thingy because now the pliers aren’t working well and I keep shreading metal into the tub.

Make soup from my favorite food blog (even though it’s November and still quite warm)

Figure out how to transfer the music I bought from Amazon that went into an Amazon Mp3 player into my itunes. I mean seriously! How the hell do I do that????? I can’t figure it out!!!!

(writing this inspired me to go to the dry cleaners this morning)

 Walking to the dry cleaners (yes, I’m carrying my comforter); S brings a purple J cut out.

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  1. madgesw says:

    Love your list.

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