When I was in my darkest, deepest depression, wanting to have a baby but too afraid to take the big step, I wrote a novel. I wrote 700 pages.

It was my baby.

It’s a middle reader fantasy-adventure aimed at children from 8-12. I poured over this book night and day, even turning down social offers to write.

It’s called The Blue Rose.

I put all of myself into the story; I am all the characters. It is dark and joyous. It’s about mothers and children.

I used to babysit a brilliant little girl with an amazing imagination. Every night I babysat, I’d tell her a story. She adored my stories. Here was my secret formula: describe what everyone is wearing and have everyone eating lots of cookies and cupcakes.

That was sort of how I began writing my book. 700 pages later…. I was about to be a mom. Writing had taken me through from depression to joy.

I do think I was able to use my writing to give me strength, even though the book has nothing to do with pregnancy.

I’ve just started re editing again after about a year and a half.

I think it’s really good. Maybe I’ll share a chapter with you soon…

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  1. Drea says:

    Share a chapter! Share a chapter!

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