Do you watch The Bachelor?
I do.
Are you horrified and embarrassed to admit you watch it?
I am.

This show is CRAP, I know.


25 desperate, spray tanned, marriage obsessed, catty women fight for the love of one buff guy who ABC has decided is a major catch. In this photo, The Bachelor looks very uncomfortable and all the ladies look like his little doll collection.

For me (and maybe for everyone else,) The Bachelor is about watching attractive, vulnerable men and women make fools of themselves, while they show off their hot bodies.
Their humiliation makes me feel GREAT about myself, hence, I am addicted.

These beautiful, young, and thin women (or girls as they are often referred) with suitcases full of evening gowns, bikinis and hair products, are being publicly embarrassed and rejected in front of millions and millions of people. We watch them cry and say hideous things about each other and turn into lunatics.
I laugh and gasp and judge them and forget that these are real people… and I feel superior. It’s like a decicious drug.

You might think, Oh well, Evie has chosen an unconventional path in life and she needs some validation that she has made the right choices, so that’s why she watches.

Actually, I remember watching the show with one of my boyfriends, many years ago, while he criticized each of the ladies; their bodies, their behavior, their fake boobs etc. I was sort of envying them – wishing I was single so I could find love like they were. Can you imagine what an unsatisfying relationship I must have been in? And he was one of my good ones.

So maybe the show is a good gauge of how I’m feeling about my life.
I should keep watching, if only for that.

Meredith Hoffa has the BEST recaps.

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