I know it wasn’t the carrots because Spenser is throwing up. We have stomach flus (flues?) Nancy was right.
Poor little guy. He’s such a good sport. Between vomiting, he decided to do some swiffering for me.

Here are some parenting tips I thought of today:

1. It’s OK to put your child in pajama bottoms that don’t match the tops. Oh the time I’ve spent with a pantsless baby searching for the mate… no one is gonna see… he’s going to sleep!!

2. If you want to remember who gave you a gift, write it down somewhere. I now have a pile of stuffed animals and cannot remember who they are from. I want to know, not so I can tell Spenser when he’s older, but mostly because I feel insane that I don’t remember!! I opened these and thanked people and everything. Ugh.

3. Sippy cups spill. They leak, they pour out, their many little pieces get lost and burned in the dishwasher and they will make you want to hurl them across the room. My friend CE and have sippy cup rage release talks.

4. YOUR sleep is a number 1 priority. Everything is much much harder when you are tired. If your child wakes up at 6, going to bed as close to 10 as you can will make your life easier. I struggle with this as there’s so much to do at night (like blog) but last night, because I was sick with the STOMACH FLU I went to sleep at 9. I got 9 hours sleep and even though all I ate today was a piece of toast and some rice, I felt well rested.

Any other random tips to share?

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  1. Madgew says:

    Hopefully, this is not the real flu going around as people have been sick for weeks. Feel better.

  2. momsolo says:

    We got our flu shots! This was a yucky 12 hour bug!! Feeling better now!

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