My computer is still down, so I’m still writing from a Mobil device.

im also still a little sick. It is mostly the coughing that is the bummer. I wake up coughing so hard that I vomit.

Also, since I’ve been so candid with you all about everything, I’ll tell you that I’m constantly peeing my pants, I’m coughing so hard. That’s the part that makes me not want to leave the house! Since my 6th month or so of pregnancy, I’ve had to cross my legs when I cough or sneeze. But these coughs… So powerful. Ok. I’m not going to go into the gross details about peeing my pants.

I’m doing my kagels as I’m writing this.

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1 Response to KAGELS

  1. Madgew says:

    I had to have a bladder sling put in. Great woman urologist if you need to make an appointment. It worked wonderfully.

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