I’m pretty sure the guy at the computer repair store is reading my novel.

For one, we really chatted when I dropped it off, so I feel like he was taking a personal interest in me.

I told him I was very nervous about losing my novel and photos and videos of my baby, did he think my data would be ok? He said he did think it was a problem with my starter (or something) and though my data would be fine and the computer would be ready that night, because he only had one other computer ahead of mine.

Now, it’s been 5 days. Every time I call I’m told “he needs more time with it.”
I ask, “does that mean there’s a bigger problem or has he just not gotten to it?” And the answer is always, “he just needs more time with it.”

To me, this clearly means he’s found my novel (a middle reader fantasy adventure targeted at girls) and can’t stop reading it. He’s let all the other computers in the shop sit there unattended to as he reads the tale of Goldie’s adventures in the Blue Rose tea room.

I’m right, right?

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