2013 SO FAR

I’ve been sick most of this year; between the stomach flu, a bad cold and this persistent, hacking cough, it’s been tough. Plus, I have been working and my computer has been down for weeks (I should be picking it up today.)
The good thing that’s come out of this is I now go to bed by 10. I used to struggle with getting to bed by 11:30 and I was getting by on 6ish hours of sleep a night.
I’ve been exhausted, these last 5-6 weeks. So exhausted that I can’t seem to do Things like: order New Years Cards, send New Years e cards, floss, send Valentines cards and take off the couch cushions to find my TiVo remote, even though when I sit on the couch, it changes the channel or makes the low tone BONG (which means I’ve made a TiVo error.) I have managed to pay bills and keep Spenser and I fed and bathed and have a little fun.
Would it be nice to have another pair of hands now? Would it help to have a partner? I don’t know. I honestly can’t say yes. Maybe. But I don’t think that way. I never wish I had a partner. I ask myself this now, for your benefit. For this Blog because this is what you might be thinking and wondering.
Spenser and I are a unit. We get through it all together – yes, my family and friends are there for me to help, but I don’t long for a partner. I don’t wish I had help. I still love doing this on my own and I feel so lucky I can.
The cough will get better, this job will end (unfortunately) and will have more time and energy. I still hope I can go to bed by 10 though.

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  1. Madgew says:

    Loved this. Send to TNF.

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