Spenser and I went on a walk today with my super hot friend, Matthew (that’s his real name. I didn’t think he’d object to me using his real name since I’m mostly just talking about how hot he is. And he’s one of my oldest, dearest friends, so don’t think I’m just using him for his hotness.)

I know I talk a lot about mom solo pride and how much I love my life and how I don’t need a man… but there’s something really superficially rewarding about walking down a busy street with a very handsome man.  Does it make me feel more beautiful? More confidant? Maybe. Whatever. I’m human.

We stopped off into the store that doesn’t like us, so that Spenser could play with the toys while Matthew and I talked (and then we’d leave without buying anything, as usual.)

To my surprise, one of the sales women greeted us with a smile, “Well hi there! Is this Spenser’s daddy?”

I didn’t even know she knew his name.

“I never see his daddy,” the sales woman continued, “I’ve always wondered who his daddy was.”

I was really pleased that she didn’t say husband… that drives me crazy. It’s so presumptuous.

“Oh no,” I smiled at the sales woman, “This is my friend, Matthew. He’s not Spenser’s dad.”

“Oh,” she seemed disappointed, but then gave Matthew a flirty, squinty eyed look.

“I’m a single mom,” I said, much too loudly.

I like announcing I’m a single mom. I’m proud of it.  I’d love to say “I’m a Mom Solo,” but I don’t think that phrase has caught on yet.



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  1. Alana says:

    Hi there,

    First of all, your kid is adorable! Second, perhaps you should have played along with the whole Mathew being your kid’s dad to see where it would take you. Having said that, I don’t know why you keep going back to a store that doesn’t like you (I’m sure they’re not the only store that has good toys!) All in all, great blog, and maybe you should ask Mathew to be your pretend baby daddy just so you could get preferential treatment once in a while!


    • momsolo says:

      Thanks, Alana! I go there because it’s close and S loves it! The truth is, the sales people leave us alone. They aren’t mean to us, just give some snotty looks and make some comments… but, since I announced I was a single mom, they’ve been nicer (or maybe it was seeing my hot friend.)

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