I was asked to write a piece on inspiration, for a motivational website. “It can be about anything that inspires you,” one of the editors said. I didn’t know her personally, but she said she’d like my blog.

I wrote a piece about becoming a mom solo, of course.

I wrote about my horrible dates, the overwhelming pressure I felt as I aged closer to 40,  and the way people talk to single women and feel sorry for them. I wrote about how I knew that I wanted to be a mother and how I was nervous to begin my single mom journey and yet, I knew it was my only road to happiness.

I wrote about how life isn’t what you think it’s going to be and how sometimes you have to make bold choices.

I wrote about how I was inspired by myself and the way I made my life so wonderful and my dream come true. I was inspired by my beautiful boy and our love.

A few days later, the editor called me. “So, I read your piece… how do YOU feel about it?” she asked.

I felt like I was in school. “I guess it needs some more details and specifics,” I said, trying to guess at what she was going to say.

“Well, the other editor and I feel that it’s just so… over done.”

“What is?” I asked.

“You know, the whole, oh I’m 40 and can’t find love and not making it in the biz and I have so many bad dates I’m just going to have a baby on my own, thing.”

I was quiet.

“He said if he reads one more of those stories he’s gonna jump of a bridge.”

I wished he would.

“I’ll bet you can come up with something more original that inspires you,” she said.

I collected my thoughts. “If there are so many 40 somethings going through this, wouldn’t it be interesting for lots of readers? I do think this is a real, big niche in our society.”

“Umhmm,” she said, “But it’s just so over done.”

WOW. My life is SO over done?

“Right,” I said. “But this is my inspiration. This is honestly what’s made my life so beautiful. I went from being stuck to feeling alive and happy… because I’m a mom now. I went against the norm to become a mom. And I’m in my 40’s, my career is stagnant and I don’t have a partner, so…. that’s who I am. I know a lot of people would like to read about that.”

“No, no,” she said, “I understand, but I’ll bet you really dig down and think, you can find something a lot more interesting. I know you can do it.”

We hung up. I sat for a minute. I didn’t want to really think. I know what has inspired me in my life and what I want to write about. I felt grateful to have my blog, so I could write about what really inspires me, instead of what two strangers think would be fun for others to read about me.

I didn’t write another piece.

Thank YOU for reading Mom Solo.


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5 Responses to I WAS ASKED TO WRITE

  1. ceseeber says:

    I say keep that story and share it with your little guy when the time is right. If it’s inspirational to you, then I can only bet Spenser will love reading this story in the future. It’s not a wasted effort, it’s a making of someone special!

  2. Cordelia Ayala says:

    I am 41 and recently separated. I have two little boys. I am desperately looking for a great blog that speaks to ME and my age group…40 something year old women. I need that kind of inspiration. Thanks for writing and keep it up!

  3. flawlessmom says:

    Give me the bitch’s name.

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