“You are gonna be tired for 18 years,” someone once told a pregnant me.

“You’ll never sleep again,” many others said.

For someone without kids, that’s a scary thing to hear.

Here’s what I say:

Once your child is sleeping through the night and you know that he or she wakes up at say, 6am every day, then if you go to bed accordingly… you won’t be tired!!

It’s easy to say this. It is hard to go to bed at 10pm. It’s hard to cook and eat your own dinner, get the kitchen cleaned, do a little writing, pay bills, read a book, watch a show and get to bed by 10. I imagine if you have a spouse or partner, that adds to the list; you need to have some alone time for your partner.

Though a partner would be nice to have someone to chat with, watch a movie with, eat with and cuddle with, a relationship needs tending to – often at night when you can have alone time.

So, though there is SO much to do at night when the child sleeps, I think perhaps as a mom solo, going to bed early might be more doable. (though maybe a partner would let me sleep in sometimes…)

I don’t know.  Just a thought. I’ve been getting to bed at 10ish the last few nights and it makes such a difference. The house is messier and I’m writing a little less… but it’s worth it.

Here are pictures of Spenser, with his 4 sleeping buddies:

020 001 002 009

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1 Response to TIRED?

  1. momsolo says:

    I was too cocky when I wrote this… Spenser’s sleep changed and boy did I eat my words. Please read ahead!!

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