I was punished for writing yesterday’s post… “Mom solo’s are so lucky we can just go to bed early!!!”  I didn’t mean it like that, you guys… It’s still a challenge, solo or not, it is difficult to go to bed early and still try to get stuff done!! OK?

Last night, I got into bed by 11 and tossed and turned with thoughts racing in my mind until 12:30 when I finally had to get up and take something to help me sleep. Yes, I was having anxiety thoughts. It happens. It’s not fun. (I have a lot more to write on this topic, and I will soon.)

So, when “mama!” came from the other room at 6:10, I woke up feeling my stiff neck, my stuffy nose and a general tiredness… I thought… “This is what I get for writing that mom solos can get more sleep.”

Maybe, when it comes to sleeping, all parents are in the same boat… we do the best we can.


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  1. momsolo says:

    Read the post “Still sorry I wrote that” for more of me taking back my confidant post “Tired?”

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