At Trader Joe’s, the other day, Spenser and I were sampling a pasta with a shaved cheese on top. Spenser at 3 sample cups full. I always worry I will get in trouble for taking so many samples but I think by now everyone knows I spend about 1/4 of my income there. The guy at the sample table, Hank, wasn’t one of our closest crew member friends there, but we know him and like him and he always stops to talk to Spenser. He’s young… maybe a little shy.

“Mmmm, this is great,” I said tasting a bit of the pasta, but not too much – it was for my son who barely eats and was now eating.

“Yes,” Hank said, “it’s new.”

“And this parmesan cheese on top is great,” I said.

“Yes,” Hank agreed again. “It’s the unexpected cheddar.”

I laughed. “Oh yes, cheddar in a parmesan cheese is unexpected.”

Hank didn’t laugh or smile. “No, it’s called unexpected cheddar. It is sooooooooo good.”



I went to the cheese section and there it was “Unexpected cheddar.” Oh, my husband is so clever sometimes. I bought it and yes, it’s delicious. I will be buying it regularly.

In other news… I can’t find Spenser’s special Trader Joe’s name tag. I always expected he’d lose it someday by pulling it off in the store… but somehow, I’ve lost it. I’m quite distraught.


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  1. Dean B says:

    Hi MomSolo, I’m really enjoying your blog-posts and your son is adorable! =) All the best, Dean.

  2. John says:

    A good mature or vintage cheddar is easily comparable to the best parmesan – I know because Cheddar Gorge, where the original cheddar is from is just down the road from us!

  3. therapydoc says:

    Just love the pics, the writing. Sometimes I just look for happy blogs (writing so much about sad stuff, you need a break). I’ll link over here when I link to other bloggers, plan to do that in a June post. Best, TD

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