We had no plans for this morning – no classes, no urgent shopping or banks or doctors or anything. I though about going to the playspace but of course, it was closed. “We are going to have a nice relaxing morning!” I told Spenser at 6:15 when he woke up. I’d gotten about 7 1/2 hours sleep. Pretty good… then why did I feel exhausted?

Here was the problem; my 26 month old didn’t really want a nice relaxing morning. He wanted to get it done and make it happen… starting with throwing everything I had cleaned up last night, while he was sleeping, on the floor. My heart sank a little as things crashed and skidded and slid. It’s not that I’m a neat freak at all – its just that I pick up all this crap about 20 times a day, so that Spenser can throw it all again. Books thrown on the floor, toys pulled off shelves… just writing all this is making me exhausted.

“Wanna watch George?” I asked, desperate by 8:30. He has taken to the Curious George cartoon, which is actually quite great. So we do that, as I lay on my bed with him and worry why am I so tired today? Is something wrong with me? I got 7 1/2 hours sleep. And then, as soon as the nice snuggle was getting relaxing, he wanted airplane and then wrestling and then we played mama nap which was actually good, except for the part where he would wake me up and I’d have to pop up and say “I’m awake!” That part was tiring.

Then he played cars while I cleaned the kitchen (yes, I often save kitchen cleaning for the morning.)  He has this cool car ramp, given to us by our 4 year old friend who had out grown it. Spenser plays with it intermittently, though out the day, though lately, the  blue tube on top has just become a place to throw things: cars, spoons, toys, shoes, remotes… you know, whatever he can reach. I find myself digging through it each night looking for my own stuff.  I clean it out about 5 times a day which is tiring mostly because I have to lay on the floor.


“Let’s draw!” I said and that lasted a minute or two.

We made pasta and ate it. And then he threw it across the room and buttery, cheesy spaghetti went everywhere. “Fall!” he said, delighted.

“It didn’t fall,” I said, trying to really teach, with a little undetected passive aggressive flair. “You threw it.”

“Let’s read!” And all he wants to read is this book where he takes the foam pieces out of the little holes that reveal boats and bikes and trains. That would be fine but he throws the pieces across the room and… well it just made me exhausted thinking about picking them up. But then reading the book without the foam pieces isn’t so rewarding.

“Let’s make a peanut butter and banana milkshake!” Now I was excited.

“NO!” he was almost crying… still traumatized by the loud blender from the kale smoothies.

“Schoom!” he said and I took a deep breath and exhaled. That meant: carry me outside and hold me as we wait for airplanes to schoom by. This is a good game. We play it almost everyday, but it’s not relaxing. So… we played schoom. We saw 2 great planes and a helicopter.

After much protest, he went into the crib and feel asleep pretty quickly.

Here’s my conclusion: staying at home to have a relaxing morning with my toddler is not possible, at this point. It’s more relaxing to go out and do something, somewhere that won’t mess up my small home even more.

Now, faced with two free hours and a messy house, I decide to have a piece of chocolate and write a little… I think when he wakes up, we are going out!

Oh, and this is fixed… as of yesterday.


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  1. Drea says:

    This post makes me want to nap. 🙂

    You’re such a good mom, Evie. I think I’d end up bubble wrapping my kid and then duct taping to them corner and convincing them that was a fun game. Which is probably a good reason for me to not have kids. Chocolate it up!

  2. madgesw says:

    When can Spenser start a pre school program a few days a week. Sounds like he could use kid time without Mommy. 🙂 Glad everything is fixed.

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