I’m obsessed with these shoes for Spenser. Native.

I mostly like this style and this color:


They are always sold out on line and at stores.

I bought a few pairs on ebay… but they never have the blue Jefferson style.

I’m so obsessed with them that there have been times when Spenser has taken them off (when I wasn’t looking) while we were out and I panicked. Two times, we were at parties when this happened and I freaked out running around the party looking for them and asking if anyone had seen them. They are sort of irreplaceable.

This week. were were at gym class and I guess I didn’t put his shoes in my bag. After class, I realized they were missing and acted like I’d lost another child, not a pair of shoes. Another mom was sitting on them. I thought the mom would give me some attitude for being so overly relieved that I’d found them but she actually looked at the shoes and said, “These are the BEST shoes ever. Hold on to them. Don’t let them out of your site. They WILL get stolen.”

She may have been mocking me, but I choose to believe we were like minded.

*PS. If Native Shoes is reading this and wants to send me some free samples, Spenser wears 5T.

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1 Response to NATIVE SHOES

  1. naimavanswol says:

    They’re great! Love them. I’m kind of into Toms, right now. Easy slip Ons for me and the little.

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