I went a little crazy for these pop up books. You hear the animals sounds as you turn each page and a new animal scene pops up. Awesome.



Besides these,  there have Forrest, Safari, Birds, Nighttime, Bugs, Dinosaur and more. I bought every one. Spense loves them so much every time he turns the page he gasps with excitement, even though he’s heard it over and over.

The other day, I heard jungle sounds as S was supposed to be napping. I looked on the monitor (I have the awesome Motorola – I LOVE it) and saw he had picked up the book and was reading it in his crib. So sweet! Loved that!

Soon, the room was quiet and I knew he’d fallen asleep. I went to check on S and saw he had ripped out all of the pop ups and thrown them on the floor.


I was… not angry… but bummed. I guess. I loved that book.

Then, my mother’s words of wisdom popped into my head – it’s just a thing and it’s replaceable.  I can teach him that we don’t want to ruin our things, but he’s two. Of course he’s going to tear it up! I thought of the fun S must have had ripping lizards and parrots to the beat of the caws and howls.  And… it’s really not his fault – the books are for ages 5 and up.  Ooops.

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