I’m thinking of going back to on-line dating just so I can write on my profile:

“And please, no bronies.”


Bronies. Seriously, you guys!! It’s a thing!!! Please click on these links!! Fascinating.

Have you heard of this????

Let me be clear, if Spenser wanted to be a brownie… I mean a BROnie, I’d love and accept him… but it doesn’t mean I want to date one. At this point in my life, if I’m going to be in a relationship with someone, his hobbies should be: to fix things, to clean things, to cook things, to carry heavy things for me and to BBQ things. Really no time for Bronieing.

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  1. babyplease says:

    terribly harsh, judgmental, prejudice and all of that i know, but i’m still gonna say it: i’d rather my child be fatherless than have a bronie for a dad. there i said it.

  2. jenglenn80 says:

    I’m with babyplease. I totally thought this was going to be about nicknames to call “Bros”!!!

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