I’ve been getting a lot of email from companies asking me to review their product or advertise their product in some way.

I’d actually like to monetize this blog – every little bit helps, right? But I just can’t say yes to these offers: gambling sites, lawyer services and even parenting related sites, but not really relevant. I don’t know the way to go about getting the right advertisers, but in the mean time, I’m just going to tell you that any time you click on one of my Amazon products links, I get like five cents. I’m an Amazon affiliate. So, click on those Amazon links if you like… but I won’t make you click on anything that I don’t really love.

So, here are a few things I actually really LOVE, that no one is giving me money to tell you about:

VIAVO avocado body products


My dear friend Natalie flew in for the daytime Emmys and got a big swag bag. She unloaded the bulkier items on me and (I hate to say it because she’s gonna read this) she missed out on one of the greatest products I’ve ever tried (though I’m sure she’s happy that she gave me something I loved!)! It was a sample of the Viavo avocado body polish made with avocado oil! It feels so nourishing! It smells amazing and I feel like using it is going to save my crepey decolletage (that I’m obsessed with)! I just sent a gift package from Viavo to a friend. It’s my new go to gift for big birthdays!

PS I’ve been trying to rub real avocado on my skin, hoping for the same affect – and it doesn’t work like that, unfortunately. It just gets dry and cakey.

GLAMGLOW face mask

Mindy Kaling wrote a review of this on her blog and so because I love her I had to try it. I got a sample of it and I’M SOLD! It is amazing. My skin feels firmer, smoother and… glowy!




I put an amazon link here because if you don’t have a Trader Joe’s you can get it there. When I was pregnant and breast feeding, I was VERY careful about what I used on my skin. I stopped using all my “firming” and “wrinkle smoothing” products to keep chemicals out of my body. I used this stuff all over. I still use it on my face most nights. At the store it’s about $6!!!!

GRACE GROWs -a novel by Shelle Sumners ~ ONLY 6$ on Amazon!


Are you looking for a summer read (or any season) that just sweeps you into a romantic world where you actually thing you may be falling in love… with the book!?!?

I read it in four days and I didn’t want to put it down, but I had to, of course – because I’m a mom solo (Yes, my fantasy husband would have just let me read from cover to cover, uninterrupted.) And, I had to sleep.

The characters are so rich and vivid that you get sucked in to this story. It has a romantic, epic journey that carries you away!

And another fantastic part of the book is that it has a soundtrack! There’s a lot of music in the book and you can actually here the original songs which are beautiful (written and performed by the author’s amazingly talented recording artist husband!) It makes the whole reading/listening experience unique and all encompassing.


I’m totally embarrassed to include this and I almost didn’t. These are super cheap super soft sheets. I LOVE expensive sheets and I hate rough sheets. I haven’t bought new sheets in like 15 years because mine are so worn down and soft and really good new sheets are so expensive and I never feel I can afford to spend $150 on sheets – even though it’s a good investment because it’s something I use everyday (night) so I should.

My dad told me he had gotten theses great sheets for $24. I was sure they’d be gross, because my dad and I don’t always have the same taste. I bought some thinking I could return them if I hated them and I can’t believe how soft and awesome they are. They aren’t cotton. They are some micro fiber blend and I have no idea what that means, but all I know is they are super comfy and if you are on a budget, they feel expensive.

Let me know if you like these recommendations and I’ll do more.

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