Hi Mom Solo readers. You. Yes, you.

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned lately how much I love hearing from you all through your comments, emails and Facebook posts. I get so excited when I have a like or comment from you all. I started this blog to share my experiences in the hopes of reaching other Mom Solos and future Mom Solos (I write this as my 2 year old is doing the bunny hop around the living room.)

Your interactions have been inspiring. I love feeling that I’m helping some of you on your journey! I love hearing that I made you laugh or moved you or made you think about something you hadn’t thought of before. Thank you.

I will now, on a personal note, ask you to help me with something really fun! The show I worked on, is now LIVE on Hulu! It’s an unscripted comedy Western! Please check it out! Please let me know how much you enjoyed both episodes (there will be 8 total!) Please go back to Hulu next week when more episodes go live! (I’ll remind you!)

Watch Quick Draw!!!!!! It’s a funny show that I’m so proud to be a part of! If the show is a hit, we can get another season!! (And Spenser’s mommy can have a job!! Am I begging enough?) I hope you will love the show, as I do!

1004836_696765617005241_152387227_n (1)*If you can’t access Hulu (if you are not in the US) try Hulu Plus for 2 weeks free!!

Please join our Quick Draw Facebook Page!

And, while you are at it… join the Mom Solo Facebook Page!!!

Spenser is asking for his Superman cape now, so I gotta run.


(notice my sheets  from Things I love)

Thank you! love,


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14 Responses to QUICK DRAW!!!!!!!

  1. Dean B says:

    How annoying! Was excited to watch it, but apparently only viewers in the States can watch it =(

  2. ceseeber says:

    Super exciting! I plan on starting to watch it tonight, I can’t wait to get out of my office and start watching. Do you recommend a red or white wine with it?

    • momsolo says:

      Oh Thank you!! So glad you are going to watch! Funny you should ask for a cocktail recommendation – there’s actually a promo series giving the recipes for the drinks on the show! This weeks featured drink – the Whiskey Skin!! (PS these are REAL drinks they served in 1875!)

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