I didn’t get to write today because this happened during nap:



He’s been unzipping his sleep sack for a few weeks now and getting undressed, but today, he showed up smiling at my side while I was sitting at the computer. I screamed.

I purchased a crib tent long time ago in preparation for this day. I began to assemble it as soon as I realized that getting out of the crib was now his greatest joy. I was afraid the next step would be trying to play in the bathtub while mommy slept (bath time being another great joy.)

The crib tent was hard to put together. You need hand strength. I thought I couldn’t install it – I thought I’d have to call my brother in law… but I did it all by myself:


At first, he loved it:

029Then he didn’t:

031There was no nap. I had him sleeping in his sleep sack inside out. He can’t unzip it, but he tried to climb out of the crib while wearing it. Yikes.

He went to bed early and I zipped the tent after he fell asleep. I sat down at my computer and googled crib tents so I could put a link here and saw that they don’t sell crib tents anymore and I read about the horrible accidents and the recalls on crib tents.

I had to wake him up and get the crib tent out of the crib. I had to tell him that he was not get out of his crib himself. He said, “Yeah.”

Now there’s a big $70 gauze tent in my small living room.

Ok… moms out there… any ideas? What did you do???

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9 Responses to CRIB TENT

  1. Oh no!!! I don’t have tips for that one I’m afraid. If he is getting out of his cot then maybe it’s time to move him to a bed!!! That’s my plan. I know they can still move around then but have heard of parents putting baby gates up in the child’s doorway to prevent them from coming out. You could open when you went to bed at night so he could get up and come to you if need be. Depends if that’s what you’d like 🙂

  2. Kate says:

    Bed time, definitely. I think he is the same age as my son (I have a 28 month old) and we just took the front off his crib (well, we did it a few months ago) and lowered it all the way down so it is a modified toddler bed. He really loves it. It is definitely harder to get him down for naps and bedtime (lots of coming out of the room or us having to stay with him til he falls asleep) but it’s definitely time if he is getting out so easily! You will miss the crib (I sure do!) but this is the next transition. Good luck mama! 🙂 🙂

  3. Dean B says:

    I’ve never heard of crib tents before… Perhaps, if it’s really like a tent, like a stand-alone tent or pop-up tent he can use it as a toy? Set it up in your living room or play-area, then your son can play “camping”. T absolutely loves playing camping. Hope this helps!

  4. madgesw says:

    My son used crib tents for the twins and there were no issues. But that was before they outlawed them. For my own kids used big beds. I used big beds with guard rails until they realized they could just climb out, It worked for a few months. Good luck.

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