I have to admit something…

The only thing that makes me jealous is … pregnancy. Not jealous so much as -wanting it again. Envious. Wanting that feeling of new life again.

It’s so crazy. I don’t feel that way about people getting married or getting great jobs – but pregnancy – with their first or second or even third… I feel pangs. I guess because it was the first purest joy I experienced, as an adult. It was such a rush of hope and love and promise…. and then of course, there’s the greatest reward on the other side – your baby. Pregnancy was the first excitement that exceeded all expectations and still does.

That’s all.

Just thought I should share.


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7 Responses to JEALOUS

  1. Dean B says:

    You’re not alone. I feel the same way… especially since with my age, it’s not that easy to get pregnant anymore. Actually with T, it didn’t come that easy either (I was in my late 30s).

  2. I get it. I LOVED being pregnant too. I have always been enamored by it and that hasn’t changed since having a child. I loved it. Every bit of it. They say you are either a pregnancy of birth person. I def wasn’t a birth person. lol

  3. madgesw says:

    I loved being pregnant. Every moment and every time. But two times was enough for me.

  4. Grace says:

    Just held someones baby today and couldnt stop wishing….i have two boys, 11 and two but still!! something about babies and pregnancy that only a woman knows!!!

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