I haven’t written in so long, you guys. I have so many posts brewing in my head, but I’ve been focusing most of my energy (when not with Spenser) on reading and editing my novel. I’m so obsessed with the book I’m reading right now – The Night Circus. I want to jump in it.

There are really just a few hours a day for my own reading and writing… during nap or bedtime, but lately I’ve had to do some editing while S plays… I just HAVE to. I need to get this book finished once and for all (I started it 5 years ago.)


He’s getting a lot more self sufficient and can entertain himself happily.

He’s talking like crazy and doing hilarious stuff like: knocking a Thomas Train on his head on purpose and then asking for “ice medicine.”

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  1. Super cute! Good luck with the book!

  2. madgesw says:

    Can’t wait to read the book.

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