I went to put something in my trunk this morning and stopped… where was my stroller? It’s always in the trunk. It wasn’t in my house. Was it stolen out of my car? Think. Think. When did I see it last…

It was Thursday night, when I met my friend and when Spenser said, “Crap!”  Was that his way of telling me I’d left his stroller in the mall parking lot? That’s the only thing I can think of… I’m going to just assume that’s what happened.

Sometimes I feel like I’m losing my mind. I never used to feel like that. I was sharp. I remembered details. I remembered names and places and food and outfits and who gave me what gift and where I’d been that week and if I’d taken my vitamins that day or not – I laughed at the idea of a pill planner.

So, yes, I’m older now. Yes, I have a lot more on my mind. I forget things all the time. I forget where I put clothes (I spent 2 days looking for my bathing suit that I just took out of town and though I thought I’d unpacked it, just found it in my suitcase.) I’m walking around like a poodle because I can’t find my flat iron (why didn’t I put it on the shelf where it belongs?) I go crazy over keeping track of those Natives. I misplace stuff all the time!

But this… driving off without the stroller… it seems so extreme. Then I started thinking about all I do and all I keep track of and realized, it’s amazing I actually DIDN’T lose it SOONER! I’m paying bills, cleaning, eating/feeding, bathing, organizing, working, writing…   right? Being a mom. (OK and getting older.)

I’m not a flighty dummy. These things happen.

(I did go to the mall today check the lost and found. Nothing.)

And most importantly, I have to keep track of a person. Spenser. That’s where my focus goes and where it needs to go. I left a stroller. My very nice, super awesome stroller… but it’s just a thing. It’s replaceable. I don’t even use it that much.

You were awesome, Stroller. You’ve been with us for really special times (because every time I’m with my son is special) and for that reason, I’m feeling sentimental.

I’m sorry I left you in a mall parking lot. I hope whoever took you really needs you and takes good care of you.

“Mama lost troller,” Spenser told my family, with no judgement – just stating a fact. And it’s true. I did.

Please indulge me as I have a little tribute to my trusty old stroller.

(cue music)

First time trying the stroller. About 8 months old:  


an encounter with a balloon:


walking to the market:

007 - Copy

1st birthday at the zoo:


On a hot day:





002 003



teething:020 Farmers Marketing:017




iphone feb 28 2013 616

Raisin snacking:


Frozen yogurting:010 012

My birthday breakfasting:014


Cutie pie-ing:044

Just being cool:


And being sweet:048

and having a huge muffin:

215And the last photo I took of Spenser in the stroller, just the other day…

Walking in the rain:


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7 Responses to MAMA LOST TROLLER

  1. Oh no! I totally get how it happened though. I used to be the same as you – remembered EVERYTHING. Just doesn’t happen now I’m a mummy. I need my lists more than ever. We are currently away for the weekend and I didn’t use a list to pack. Forgot Monkey’s bottle (time he came off the bedtime one anyway) and bowls and spoons for our cereal which I packed to save us money on breakfast. Lol

  2. Emma says:

    I am quite surprised that I haven’t done this too. I just bought a new stroller so hopefully it wont happen in the next few weeks! You remembered Spenser! That’s the important bit, and he looks very well cared for, even if it is at the expense of stroller. Try not to beat yourself up about it, you are not mad or losing it – just normal!

  3. Holly Grass says:

    By some chance do you live in Lousiville Kentucky? I was at the Mall at St. Matthew on Friday and saw a stroller left in the parking lot.

  4. momsolo says:

    Reblogged this on MOM SOLO and commented:

    I just reread this one and really enjoyed it. Wanted to share it 2 1/2 years later….

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