Who has time to read, right? A Thousand Years of Johnny Von is worth your precious free time!

I brought reading back this year – And I’m so glad I did. OK, I brought reading fiction back… I think I’ve read about 50 baby books since 2010.

When you have a great book to sink into like A Thousand Years Of Johnny Von, you get more than just a good book – you are swept away, you are laughing, hoping, you are nodding in agreement, you are traveling, you are blushing, you are weeping, you are life affirming, you are cheering and you are completely charmed by Edith M Cortese’s novel.


I highly recommend this smart, juicy, honest, fun, romantic, beautifully written book!!!! It’s completely wonderful.

This book takes you on a journey and when you get to the end… you think, you wonder, you question and you feel like you have to read the whole thing again! That’s all I’m gonna say…

If you have ever had a crush…. if you have ever had a break up… if you have ever felt like an ordinary person who wanted an extraordinary love…. OMG, read this.

I didn’t steer you wrong with my last two recs.

A Thousand Years of Johnny Von. Buy it! It’s a gem!!!!

And watch the video preview here.

That’s it. Enjoy!

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  1. Love a good book rec! I’m on it!

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