I’m not a fan of big corporations and I wish I could buy everything from a small business. I remember the days when you could actually go to an office supply store and not a Staples. I remember how I loved to shop when I traveled to see local unique stores. But now every place has the same stuff; so boring.

(Except for Trader Joes... I know, it’s such a massive company, but they treat their employees very well (so say my good TJ’s friends… and my husband) and they offer great products for great prices.)

I still try to buy small as often as I can, but it’s difficult and expensive.

Like… where do you find a good BRA?


Victoria’s Secret? Department store? They are all big companies and big brands – Olga, Maidenform, Playtex cross your heart…. what’s a woman who just realized she was still wearing nursing bras to do?

I really can’t support Victoria’s Secret anymore. I used to wear their Miracle Bras – major push up, but I find the quality pretty bad and I’m not fond of their catalogs perpetuating the tall, skinny & C-cup as norm standard. I just can’t.

My nursing bras were fine, even though they didn’t fit any more. I did’t want to bra shop. My whole body  changed; extra skin here, extra fat there… whatever. Who cares.

I was at a mall, meeting friends for a stroll, when I saw there was a sale at the Gap. I don’t shop at The Gap. I try not to shop at these big stores with cheap labor and questionable (OK, terrible) working conditions. I walked in, just to browse and saw a big sale on bras. I tried on a bra and it fit so perfectly. I was pretty thrilled and decided to buy. I was going to get 2 –  2 for the price of one. That’s a good sale. 

At the counter I guiltily handed my 2 bras to the salesman, trying not to think about how I was supporting the evil big business chain, when he asked, “Have you worn our bras before?”

It was the way he asked it. It was how his eyes twinkled and how he flashed perfectly white teeth in between his auburn mustache and beard. He seemed genuinely excited.

“No,” I said.

“Would you like a bra club card? Buy six and get the seventh for free.” He was still quite excited for me. It was so nice of him. I didn’t want to get into how I was going to try to find some small business that made bras, because I hated being part of the reason there are no small stores any more.

“Oh, thanks,” I took the card and mumbled, “I’ll take it in case I ever want to buy more here.”

The man nodded and smiled so big, “Oh you will.” He said it with that I know you better than you know yourself kind of tone. Like he KNEW how I liked my breasts to be contained. He was so pleased with himself. Like he understood….

I was just… I mean… OK. Does he wear these bras? That’s just how it seemed. It seemed like he was talking from experience. I mean maybe he was. And that’s fine, of course. Or maybe he’s just a great salesman.

Either way… the truth is… it’s a great bra. It’s comfortable and fits perfectly and I totally love it. I so wish it was made responsibly and all…. and unfortunately, it was my gateway drug back into the Gap. They have great sweatpants too.

PS. When in Los Angeles, visit these unique shops:


Essential Chocolate

Ele Keats Jewelry

Coffee + Food

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12 Responses to BRA!

  1. Dean B says:

    I agree with you. The problem though with buying from small shops is that they tend to be more expensive 😦 and these retail giants always give the best deals like GAP. Sigh.

  2. jebhow515 says:

    I have been wearing the cookie bras since I first bought one from a small local shop in Breckenridge “the joy of sox”. Love that store and love, love, love this wire free sporty bra!

  3. madgesw says:

    You want a small store. Check out Footsie’s on Montana in Santa Monica. They fit you and will call you when new colors come in for the bra you wear. Their bras are expensive but last for a long time. The woman who owns the store is fabulous. I have never have had bras that fit so well and look so good. I sent a friend there and all her cohorts at her high level job immediately that she looked fabulous. No more sags, bulging out of the bras and no back fat showing with clothes. I recommend this store completely.

  4. Welp. This is how it goes. I have three bras and two of the three are recently missing an under wire. One side each. I really need to toss them. That leaves one bra and it’s from Victoria’s cause I’m clueless. I may have to meander over to the GAP who I didn’t even know sold bras. And Trader Joe’s RULES. in love with that place.

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