1. The Mother in Cat in The Hat! How do I know she’s single?

Here’s Mother’s bed:



She’s maybe not the most developed character or positive role model. I mean besides her nice polka dot dress and the fact that she has a yummy, pink cake around the house, all we know is that she works and has a goldfish for a babysitter.


2. Andy’s mom in the Toy Story movies!

andy's mom

We watch this trilogy over and over and I can’t tell you how much I love that Andy has a great, loving single mom. I also love that it’s not the focal point of the story. In fact, it’s not even talked about. It just IS. It’s one of those happy surprises.

On line, there are tons of theories as to why she’s single… divorced, abandoned, widowed, husband had an affair with the neighbor (hmmm, does Sid the neighbor kid look like Andy?)

The online chatter says the  home is filled with photos – none are of a father which means that Andy’s mom is angry (No one suggests she went to a sperm bank.) Then, on line fans write about the fact that Andy’s mom moves the family to a smaller house. This one is a good example of where people go. The reader comments are great. One person suggests Andy’s mom was a Mom Solo with a sperm donor… there are lots of crazy theories here!!

It’s so funny – I always assumed they were moving to a bigger house so Molly could have her own room and I think I’m right! In Toy Story 3 Molly and Andy clearly have their own rooms. I think the Toy Story bloggers aren’t giving Andy’s mom enough credit!!!!

andys mom

Here’s a great article about Andy’s mom being single – with an interview with one of the directors of the movie.



Do you know of any more popular children’s stories with a single mom?

How about any stories with a Mom Solo!?

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  1. Lindsay says:

    I’d never even noticed that Andy’s mom is single — ya learn something new every day!

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