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I referred to Egyptian Magic in my post about the eye cream guy. If this stuff is good enough for Madonna it’s good enough for me! It’s super natural and moisturizing. I’ve used it for about 5 months now and I think it’s actually made my skin look better – without all the lifting and firming promises I usually want in a moisturizer.


And, it’s so natural I can put it on Spenser if he has a rash or any dryness. You can watch the video on the website. I have bought it at Whole Foods for $42 – it lasts for 4 months. This seems to be a great price here.

I wish I got commission on this, because I do think, if you do try it you’ll be hooked!


I discovered these because my friend had them.  She’d been giving her son Juice Plus since he was one. She sprinkled the capsules in his food or drink… but they have GUMMIES for kids now, which Spenser loves because they are delicious! We call them “Healthy Gummies” so he doesn’t think he can just have any old gummies everyday!


Juice Plus Gummies (and capsules, which I take) are purely large portions of fruits and vegetables. That’s it. It’s not a vitamin – it’s considered a whole food. It’s as if Spenser and I are eating 9 servings of fruit and 9 servings of veggies a day – I wish… but I’m lucky if the boy eats one baby carrot and a few pieces of broccoli. He’s liking Persian cucumbers these days… but they aren’t the most nutritious.

Anyway, At this age, most kids love their bread products – toast, crackers, pasta, pizza, quesadilla etc. It’s hard not to stress out at night when you start realizing all your child actually consumed were flour products, despite your best efforts. And then I realized – Hey, I’m not eating enough fruit and vegetables either! (Embarrassed to say, I’m NOT a big fruit fan in general. I have to force myself.) I love not being freaked about missing nutrition… because Spenser and I have the Juice Plus!

It’s worth the money to me… because I think about the piles of fruits and veggies that go bad and slimy in my fridge, the containers of strawberries and blueberries that ferment in my purse all day as I offer and get rejected, the dinner plates I try to save in the fridge that dry out… Actually, I get the gummies free when I buy my own capsules, as part of a children’s health study! I can’t help but think this is a good deal – Because Juice Plus gummies get eaten!! And, the thing I can’t afford to be thrifty about… is health.



Do you ever wonder which mascara is the best? Do you ever feel like because you just buy the cheap drugstore kind that you are missing out on something great? Well wonder no more!! Here’s Give me Some Lash! (OMG – I think I’d be good at writing commercials!)

007You get to try all the best sellers. They make these samplers for perfume and skin care too. This makes a GREAT GIFT!!! I got it as a gift and clearly, it was a huge hit! My faves right now are the Buxom Lash and the Yves Saint Laurent. I also like the Josie Maran line – all natural products made with Argon oil!



Yes, these are the Costco diapers by Kirkland. They are super cheap, which is why I tried them – about $35 for more than 200 diapers.



At the hospital they gave me Pampers Swaddlers which I LOVED because they are SO soft! They are about $10 for 30 diapers.

So, when I realized what a great deal the Kirkland diapers were, I made the switch. I always felt a little guilty about it… shouldn’t I be giving my baby the BEST? Shouldn’t he get the soft Pampers Swaddlers or, what I really wanted, were the Jessica Alba Honest Company diapers $14 for about 30. I wanted all of her products that boast HONESTY and natural everything and make you feel like you are a wealthy celebrity, in the know. I wanted that. I wanted people to see Spenser in the special HONEST printed diapers and know I was one of those GOOD moms.

One day, I was with a few friends and their babies and I was changing Spenser into a fresh Kirkland Costco diaper.

“What kind of diaper is that?” asked a mom, who’s son wore a skull print Jessica Alba diaper.

“It’s Costco,” I said.

“Hahaha! Hahaha!!” The mom laughed. Did she think I was joking?

I don’t know why she laughed. I will tell you that it FELT like she laughed because she thought I was cheap. It FELT like she laughed because she and her husband bought the really good diapers for their child, while I was the single mom who had to go for the bargain brand and wasn’t that hilarious?

I’m sure that it wasn’t her intention, to make me feel bad. I don’t know why she laughed like that. It took me a long time to not feel hurt by that… and of course, I knew (even at the time) that she just pushed my button of feelings of inadequacy.

Every time I ran out of my Kirkland diapers, before my sister got to Costco again (yes, my sister got them for me) I’d run to the market (secretly happily) and buy Pampers Swaddlers, or Seventh Generation and then, when Honest diapers came to Whole Foods, I’d buy a pack of those.

What I discovered was, I actually preferred the Kirkland diapers. The Pampers Swaddlers and Seventh Generation diapers got very saggy very fast and made a huge bulky load on the tush. The Honest diapers leaked and would actually FALL OFF while we were out and about.

The Kirkland/Costco diapers fit perfectly. Never sagged, never fell off. They held strong and sturdy and never leaked (maybe because they are French.)


I’m looking for a GREAT BATHMAT that you love.We have one from IKEA that is so uncomfortable! Please share a bathmat you love with me! Thanks!!

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