When I started blogging, I thought I would build a Mom Solo Empire!

I’d share my experiences, travel, lecture and inspire partner-less women who wanted to be moms. I’d tell all my horrible date stories to make them laugh, and share my fertility clinic stories to make them gasp… then I’d bring out my beautiful boy and everyone would cry with joy.  I’d have a Mom Solo you tube page with my adorable boy brightening everyone’s day. I’d have Mom Solo t shirts. And a Mom Solo App and maybe a Mom Solo/Trader Joe’s cook book!!!

I’d turn my blog into a book and the book would become a TV series and I’d be a wonderful provider in my successful, self created Mom Solo career!

After 3 years of being a blissfully happy Mom Solo, I have just over 200 blog entries and I haven’t even made Spenser’s baby book. I’m not sure when the Empire is going to happen.

Spenser is giving up naps, I’m starting a new business (that anyone can do) so I can work from home and while I was trying a stuffed jalapeno recipe, I forgot to wash my hands after de-seeding and my face is burning up.

Also, the WHYS have started.

Me: Can you pick that up please?

S: Why?

Me: Because you just threw it on the floor and it’s messy?

S: Why?

Me: Because it doesn’t belong on the floor.

S: Why?

Me: Because it belongs in the box. You just took it out of the box and threw it on the floor and I’d like you to pick it up.

S: Why?




All this to say, check out Dresden  and check out The Single Parent News.

Dresden seems to have it all together in a way that’s pretty amazing. I can aspire to do more like her.

So, now, I must go, because I must sit and watch S do the end monologue from Willy Wonka, which, if I had it together a little more, would be shown on my very entertaining YouTube page.


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  1. Lindsay says:

    Oh, dear. Looks like we had the same “mom solo” or “solo mama” dream. (Pipe dream?). But where would we find the time?!

    I’ve done that with jalapenos…OUCH! I rubbed my eye afterwards. Hurt like a b!tch!

    • momsolo says:

      The Empire could still happen… maybe when the kids are in elementary school! In the mean time, I’m pursuing a new business that takes up less time and will yield more income!! 🙂

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