Hi All,

This month, Spenser dropped his nap. This means, he’s going to bed earlier, right? Um…. no. I try. I’m trying…. but this boy won’t fall asleep till 10! Sleeps till 8.  He seems OK getting 10 hours, but the main problem is that when he’s asleep at 10… I’m ready for bed!!!

This is why I haven’t been writing as much.

Here are a few more updates (quickly, while S is watching a show)

*My toilet seat broke off

*my toilet paper holder broke off

*I exercised 5 times… in May (with a kick boxing video on On Demand)

*my computer is full!!!! (like 585 GBs!!!)

*my email is full!!!

*I’m in second place for a SINGLE PARENT BLOG CONTEST ending in 2 days! Please vote for me here!!

AND…. while we were in the park the other day, a woman said to me, “Oh! You’re expecting!”


iphone may 2014 514


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7 Responses to CHECKING IN…..

  1. madgesw says:

    Oh no on the pregnancy comment. Hopefully, he will adjust to going to bed earlier or at least have him read in his bed and have quiet time from 8 on. Hope it works.

  2. Lindsay says:

    You’ve been very busy! Hope you get a breather at some point, and S adjusts his bedtime soon. OUCH to the pregnancy comment. I’ve heard that one before. Hurts like a bitch.

  3. Dean B says:

    Congratulations for being in second place! I voted for you of course 😉

  4. HWard says:

    I voted! A word on naps…..Isla is turning four next week and she has ‘dropped’ her naps 3-4 times in the last two years. I was told about the ‘rest’ time where they need to lie in bed for an hour, whether they sleep or not. I did that everyday for over a month (one of the times) a couple of weeks the other times, and sure enough each time she resumed napping. This was a no fun deal because she would get out of bed 30 times, but I always marched her back in and it ultimately paid off. Sometimes it’s just a matter of pushing them forward an hour.

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