In May of 2013, I had the air conditioning repair guy out to fix the air. It needed more coolant and a new filter. I seem to remember the repair man saying he didn’t have the right size filter, but when he came back from his truck he said, “This will work.”

He left and my air conditioning was all better. AHHHHH! Coolness. I need it. It’s one of my top priorities when picking a home.

That night warm spring night, when the temperature in my home hit a comfortable 73, the air conditioning clicked off. After 5 seconds, I heard a loud, fast THWUMP!! THWUMP!! It startled me! What was that? The new filter? Not fitting right? Crap. I’d have to fix this…..

Later that night, the air turned off again and the THWUMP!! THWUMP!! Itwoke me up, making my heart race with fear. JESUS!

The loud Thump!! continued to wake me for days – and then I got used to it. I got used to it so much that after a few months, I didn’t really hear it anymore. Months turned into a year.

I noticed it again the other day…. yes, a year and 4 months or so later…. I haven’t had the Thump!! taken care of.

It’s funny (sort of) but I always imagine that if I lived with a partner, these kinds of things would be taken care of. I, Mom Solo, just can’t be bothered with repair guys coming and all. I imagine a handy partner (my fantasy husband is always so handy) could probably even go to Home Depot, get the right filter and fix it himself. OK, you know what? I could go to Home Depot and fix it myself!!!! I really could! I mean, I’m pretty sure I could.

But, I’m just used to it now. Just a few more months of hot weather and then I won’t even be using the air. And I will just deal with it next year.

I can’t decide if I’m lazy or just have different priorities or have a high tolerance for annoying things. But this is the way I live. I’m just grateful the air works! I think that’s my real priority.

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