Hello again. Hello.
I haven’t written in soooooo long.
How have you all been?

I’ve been good, thanks.
We are in pre school. I say we because my day still revolves around it – a semi short morning activity, drop off and linger till I get the go ahead to leave, about 1 hour 45 minutes to do… something (so far I have discovered I can: eat and check emails or work out for 30 minutes if I don’t really eat or go to the market and bank…) But I am co chairing the school Halloween party! So that’s fun!

Mostly I’ve been excited to get back to work. Because the work I’m going back to just happens whenever I can do it – be it on my hour 45 minute break or really whenever I want!

Many of you know I’ve been in the show biz world forever – which means a lot of NOT working and a lot of spending my savings…. but I cannot continue this. And, I want to be able to be with S… but I must work!

So I’ve found this amazing business that lets me be with my son all the time, helps people and makes me money. I discovered my very wealthy friends have been in this business for 20 plus years! I wish they’d told me about it sooner!!!

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6 Responses to HI ALL…..

  1. Lindsay says:

    So, what is the business? Is it an MLM one?

  2. Dean B says:

    Congratulations! Oh and if you strike gold, do share some tips! 😉

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