After a play date with a group of pre-school friends where I realized that body curiosity had set in, I began to look for a good book for 4 year olds about private parts.

I found a great site that let’s you personalize your own books….  I know you can make photo books on many sites – but this site TWIG TALE – gives you text! REALLY GOOD text – great for learning, hurdles and life changes.

Here’s the one about private parts – having great text available was so helpful!! Check this book out!!

They have books for all occasions: allergies, doctors, sharing, family, potty, new bed, new sibling, school etc. And the text is written and edited by experts – including Dr. Harvey Karp. The books are really smart and thoughtful – especially made to reach young children.

And you can personalize it all to fit your family! Two moms, two dads, single mom, single dad, pets, no pets, extended family – you get the idea.  Back when I was pregnant, I had a bit of a hard time finding a baby book that didn’t ask about “Mom & Dad’s wedding.”

Just had to share

I can’t wait to get our book in the mail!!

And here’s an unrelated, cute photo

Hawaii 2014 071

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3 Responses to MAKE YOUR OWN BOOKS!

  1. Lindsay says:

    Thank you so much for the suggestion – I love that idea! Gonna hop over to the site and check ’em out!

    Your boy is SO cute!

  2. jebhow515 says:

    Was just thinking about you today…I feel like I have said that before. Anyway, I was in tears when I was pregnant trying to look for baby books. Ended up with Nut Brown Hare’s book. Fewer mommy and daddy entries. 🙂

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