When we drive I’m always horrified at the inappropriate content on billboards.  Spense has boasted he’s not scared of anything. Until today…

Once, we saw this billboard:


S: Ma, look at that cool billboard.

Me: That’s really scary. Does it scare you?

S: No, not at all. I like it.

Another time, we saw this billboard:


S: Ma, look at that clown!

Me: That’s a scary clown.

S: No it isn’t! It doesn’t look scary to me.

Me: Really? I think it’s SO scary!

S: Not to me!

Then today, we saw this…


S: Ma! Oh my god! Look at that scary man or woman! Look! Do you see it??

Me: You mean the one with the ice cream?

S: Yes! It’s so scary!

Me: It’s supposed to be funny! She has ice cream on her face. She’s like the messy kids (he has a thing about the messy kids.)

S: It’s not funny! It looks like pink blood!

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5 Responses to Billboards

  1. Lindsay says:

    I love Tig Notaro! She’s hilarious and her new documentary is fabulous.

    It’s so funny what kids are and aren’t afraid of, eh?!

  2. Lindsay says:

    Meant to add: Tig tried to become a solo mom but then met and fell in love with someone during the process. 🙂

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