Day 5
“Last day of camp!” I said in the morning.
“Yay!” He said though I wasn’t sure if he was happy to go or happy it was almost over.
“I’m going to wear my ring so everyone knows I’m married,” Spense said. You’d think it was a dig at his single mom- but it wasn’t, at least not consciously.
When we arrived at camp, I was beyond thrilled to see my good friend, John, a dad of one of the campers. Apparently he knew all there’s moms who hadn’t been super friendly to me all week.  Now, as John’s friend, these moms welcomed me with hugs and smiles.
I mentioned to the group that I was staying all day through camp. “I guess I’m the only one who does that here.”
“Oh no, I did that at the beginning and my child is 9,” a newly friendly mom friend said.
“I did it all through kindergarten,” my good dad friend said.
That was crazy of me to think I was the only one who hung out all day. Of course others did it…
When camp was about to begin I pointed to the far bench “I’ll be there,” I said.
“No, there,” he said pointing to the close one.
Fine with me.
A few minutes in to camp a counselor ran over to me with Spense’s wedding ring. It was getting in the way of the circle games.
After 2 hours my friend Tim met me. When S left for the daily hike Tim and I hiked a different path then ate some lunch and chatted. I was grateful for his company and the distraction.
When we got back to camp Tim asked if I wanted to run to Costco for the next 90 minutes. “Look at him. He’s fine. He’s not even looking for you. ”
I knew I could go. “But I told him I wouldn’t leave the park.”
So Tim let and I listened to my audible book on the far away bench.
With 30 minutes left of camp the councilor pulled out a guitar and started singing. The kids interacted shouting out words and doing a little dance.
This was good. I’m glad I gave S this experience. I’d spent 20 hours in this park -mostly sitting. What had I done with myself? Not too much. I mean, I’d watched my son, which to me was a good use of my time. And… I wrote this camp series.

Had I needed to be here?
No. Probably not. Should I had gotten a little more exercise while I was there? Yes.
Camp is over and Spense is red faced and sweaty. He’s dirty and dusty. He met new people and explored nature.
But… I liked camp. I’m glad I went.

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