Spense got a Thor doll from my friend Nancy. I lost his hammer.

Well, here’s what happened – we were getting out of the car and I was holding 4 bags, juggling keys and almost empty cans of seltzer water to recycle when Spense said, “Mom, hold this,” and slipped the hammer into my hand. I remember thinking the addition of that tiny hammer was making all the carrying so much harder. I remember putting that hammer somewhere and feeling a large sense of relief that my fingers were less encumbered. But I don’t remember where I put that little weapon that is Thor’s identity – his everything.

I should have told Spense I couldn’t hold one more thing – even such a tiny thing. I had reached my limit. Hard for me to admit.

Now that Spense is 5, I have started to give him more responsibility. Telling him to hold his own hammer would have been a good idea.I’m so used to doing everything, as a mom solo. I can hold it all, carry it all, take it all….  maybe this is why I can’t sleep lately?

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