A lot of people know how I got to be a Mom Solo. It’s no secret. I’m not shy about it.

When new acquaintances ask, “do you mind if I ask how…” I always explain.

But it’s weird  when I have a brief encounter – like today- buying a karate gee for Spense… I mentioned Spense’s dad, and the merchant made a sad face and whispered, “Are you separated?”

“No!” I laughed, “We are best friends.”

I realized that didn’t explain anything and I didn’t really need to. I don’t have to give all the details to everyone.

I was trying to think of a quick, low effort way to accurately describe us; we were never married and we are best friends is pretty good. They could still assume we are in a romantic relationship… but who cares.

I guess I could always just say, “Go read my blog.”


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