We went to My TJs today.

(Are you tired of hearing about our romance?)

It was amazing. Like young love all over again.

He was so happy to see us!

“I heard you went to the new location,” a manager friend said… a little jealous

“We did!” I pretended not to be too excited that he had heard.

“We got a call that day,” manager friend told me. “They were trying to rub it in.”

“Wow,” I said, honestly shocked that we were so popular. I know it’s Spenser who is popular. I’m not really fooling myself that all the Trader Joe’s locations are excited to see a 40 something year old out of work actress shopping.

TJs was on fire with calls of “Spenser” and he was asked to run, given stickers, and bells to ring and even allowed to punch number on  the safe in the managers galley. This kid owns the place!

To top it all off, the sample was quiche. Usually they have sweet samples in the morning (I’m not a sugar person – it makes me feel like crap. The only sugar I really partake in regularly are TJs 73% choc covered almonds.  A few a day.)

Spenser was laughing and saying hi to the Crew Member friends he knows and loves. Yes, I said loves and I meant it.

I over heard one of the cute, young Crew Members telling a customer, “Yeah, Spenser is a regular. His mom says she likes it here better than the park. They come everyday.”

At first, I thought I sounded like a big loser. Then, I didn’t care.

I was just flattered that he was talking about me and remembered I had told him that.

And I don’t go EVERYDAY.

I’m eating some of the TJs stuffing right now. I’m afraid I’m going to eat the whole container which is probably 6 servings or something. But I don’t care – I  just feel good about my husband.

 TJs Stuffing

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