A few weeks ago, I made a ton of this stuff and Spenser won’t eat one bite!



I froze most of it and keep trying to sneak it along side of chicken or whatever other item I’m serving. I’ve even served it next to other pasta! It always gets a “all done, all done!”

On the other hand, I like it.  I’ve eaten almost all of it. I’ve gained a few pounds.

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4 Responses to GREEN MAC & CHEESE

  1. I’ll try just about anything and currently I’m on a veggie juice only diet which means I make juice out of spinach and kale and carrots and anything else that is healthy. It tastes horrible. I tell you that because I’ve been drinking my greens and yet I don’t think I’d try green mac and cheese.

  2. Sparkle Raon says:

    LoL. Same with my brood when I try something new. I loved “All done, all done!”

    • momsolo says:

      I just defrosted a big bowl of the stuff for my own lunch today. Gave S a spoon full and he rejected it without even seeing it. How do they know??

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